How to Use Facebook Likes

Although not the first social network, Facebook is clearly the dominant player in the industry. Recent pronouncements by the company show that the social media behemouth has over 1.3 billion active users. A stunningly high number of these users are active daily! Facebook attempts to do many things within the context of its user’s pages. From having users create posts, set appointments, chat, show videos and images and many other things. Of course it is difficult to do all of these things well and this is where the other well-known (and many, many lesser known social networking sites) have stepped in.

If you consider the so-called majors in the industry: Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and even YouTube are derived from some area that is already available on Facebook. For example, Twitter is the expert in rapid communication providing instant availability of messages sent to a user’s followers via a “tweet”. This is not new, and something that Facebook has had available (and one would like consider news feeds as at least an element of this). Instagram is just a specialty image sharing site – again something that has been available on Facebook almost from the outset of the site itself. But its angle has been to focus on a mobile centric upload and delivery which did give it a more interesting and different angle than that offered by Facebook (this being a moot point now in the larger scheme of things as Facebook acquired Instagram a few years ago for a cool $1 billion.)

One thing that all of these sites have in common is that they create important social signals that are now benchmarks of popularity and success throughout the online world. With Facebook it is obviously getting facebook likes that is the primary sign of the success of a facebook page and thus its owner, be it person, brand or other entity. Thus, where to get facebook likes becomes the operative question. Likes, which were once called fans (and in many places, especially Europe, are still referred to in that manner). The power of the “like” on facebook can not be underestimated. Indeed, how many times in a given day is one exhorted by some ad or sign or even receipt from a store to “like us on Facebook?” Obviously this has hit a chord and the marketers have joined in in droves. Facebook pages with lots of likes get more engagement from their users, better brand ratings in the surveys and higher consumer satisfaction levels which is why some take the course of buying facebook likes. This is why the battle for likes is so intense across the board reaching into many industries and charities and other organizations – schools too!

The best way to go about increasing likes is to have an engaging Facebook Fan Page and to excite your visitors. You can use video or contests to help grow your likes. The interesting thing about having a large number of Facebook likes is that not only is a significant aspect of the overall social signals of your brand, but just by itself it encourages visitors and users to be associated with your other social media sites such as Twitter and Instagram. This is a wholistic approach to establishing a strong social presence and pays off handsomely for those that do it well.

This video gives some heads up explanations of the value of Facebook Likes and other important marketing metrics on Facebook:

Twitter Followers Actually are the Audience

As mentioned above, Twitter is derived from an aspect of Facebook that never was particularly effective – instant communication to a large number of interested parties. Twitter stepped in and filled this perceived void very effectively, evidenced by its overwhelming popularity and widespread usage throughout the world. And seemingly everyone uses it. It is extremely popular with news outlets and a platform for distributing breaking news. Celebrities love it (or at least their fans do). Athletes use it often to the dismay of their teams, and it is a hit among the public gossip mongers. But it is also used effectively by businesses, charities, universities and even lower-level schools and groups. The key component to the success of Twitter? In a word: Followers.

Twitter revolves around the concept of followers. They are the audience, the recipients of the user’s messages via the tweet. Everyone wants and needs followers or their messages fall upon deaf ears (well, no Twitter followers, no audience). The goal of every Twitter account owner is to get Twitter Followers. They seek for all sorts of ways to get followers or even how to buy twitter followers.

The constant effort to get more followers on twitter can be exhausting and time consuming, but ultimately is highly rewarding as the social signals sent by a Twitter account with a strong following are very powerful. Getting started in this endevour can be difficult, but recognize that having Twitter followers begets more Twitter followers – which means the process gets easier over time. Having a core group of followers means that you will already have a group that may retweet your messages with in turn may prompt the retweet receiver to want to also become a follower of the originator of the initial tweet. Remember that people are crowd chasers – as the social media experts like to say, there are a few influencers and the rest just follow along. To keep new followers coming and to keep the one’s you have on board, academic studies show that informative tweets are best – and not too frequent. A little humor on occassion is okay, but too many tweets about the sender, rather than useful information has a deleterious effect on getting new followers.

Done right, Twitter is extremely useful, vibrant and powerful social networking platform. It encourages the most interaction as it is not too time consuming to respond or get engaged. As with any social venture, the core essence of being successful is marketing your presence on the medium in the best way possible. This video shows some effect methods to deploy when marketing your producet, service or self on Twitter:

Instagram Followers Help

A very fast growing social network is Instagram – indeed it has become one of the largest social networks. What makes this site particularly appealing aspects is its user base – which is comprised primarily of people between the ages between 12-23. Statistics show that Instagram is the fastest growing social media site amongst that particular demographic. Given this age groups penchant for developing lifelong brand alliances at this age, they are the most popular age group with advertisers and brands. No surprise.

Instagram is like Twitter in that it is developed around the concept of followers. Yes, followers, as with Twitter is the most important metric on the site. The more followers an Instagram page has the more popular it appears to others. Some, trying to find ways to grow their number of followers have resorted to buying Instagram Followers. Clearly, there is a lot of belief in the power and influence of having a lot of followers.

And this is not a minor point. If you appear popular, people will not only come to your Instagram Page, they will check out your images and maybe even like them! This, of course, is the primary goal and buy followers instagram is what some do to help achieve this goal. Get visitors to go to your page, stay and like the images. As images have a very high retention in the mind, this makes it a great marketing venue. Here is a great place for buying instagram followers

Thus the ultimate key to success on Instagram – that is what will drive your total number of followers sky high is marketing your Page well and in an exciting and engaging manner.

This video (below)shows some valuable information related to marketing on Instagram and even gives some photography tips for maximizing the quality of your images:

Being on the Social Networks is Important

In today’s world, you can not escape the power of the social networks. They are ubiquitious and are simply an element of society that everyone must be a part of.

Like it or not, it is reality and not just a local or U.S. reality – this thing is global!

Not convinced? This video on the importance of social networks in our lives will dispell any doubts you may have: